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IRS Form 1040-X Electronic Filing Now Available

Marking a major milestone in tax administration, the Internal Revenue Service announced today that taxpayers can now submit Form 1040-X electronically with commercial tax-filing software.

13.9 Million Americans to Receive IRS Tax Refund Interest; Taxable Payments to Average $18

The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service will send interest payments to about 13.9 million individual taxpayers who timely filed their 2019 federal income tax returns and are receiv

New Steps by IRS To Ensure People with Children Receive $500 Economic Impact Payments

The Internal Revenue Service continues to look for ways to help people who were unable to provide their information in time to receive Economic Impact Payments for their children.

Pending Check Payments

The IRS has been receiving a large number of inquiries about checks being sent and not cashed.

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