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I, along with my wife, own Amico2, Inc. We specialize in Small Business and Entrepreneurial Accounting and have actively in the preparation of Taxes for the past 26 years.

 As a Charter Executive Member of NSTP currently sit on our Membership and National Advisory Committees and have since their inception. I am committed to the future of our organization and to its position as the Premier Educational Provider in our industry and completely support our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics.

I bring to the table a set of skills not from a Taxation or Code standpoint but from a marketing and communication perspective and am well versed in the writing and analyzation of Business Plans across a broad spectrum of industries.

As a communicator, I believe that my ability to “Think Outside the Box” is one of my strongest assets and am a person that is always ready to listen and not be afraid to take on a challenge.

I believe that there are not problems but rather opportunities for resolution and success in our industry, business, and daily lives.