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Education Committee

Education Committee Application Form

The National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP) is dedicated to serving the tax professional. NSTP supports its membership and the tax professional community with top quality education primarily delivered through live education.

Therefore, it would be reasonable to expect that NSTP's Education Committee members have experienced live NSTP education. This allows them to understand beforehand the importance and value delivered by the organization's main source of income. This is not to devalue the education provided by other organizations, it is to ensure the candidate’s understanding of NSTP’s offerings. This nomination procedure is established for a variety of reasons which are to ensure that the candidate:

  1. demonstrates support for the educational programming of this organization.
  2. demonstrates that they can attend online meetings 80% of the time.
  3. can provide constructive comments to improve the offerings by the organization.
  4. shows evidence of interest in the general welfare of the organization.

Education Committee

  1. Responsibilities/Expectations
    1. Assist with finding and review speaker applicant
    2. Establish guidelines for Speaker qualifications to teach for NSTP
    3. Meet quarterly through out year – outside of tax season
    4. Review consolidated evaluations of NSTP seminars
    5. Review Education topics needed or wanted by members
      1. Make recommendations for new seminar topics
    6. Monitor Education budgets to actual
    7. Periodically recommend and/or write articles for FTA and/or Tax Tid Bits
    8. Review NSTP website for freshness of Educational materials posted to website  
    9. Review courses asked for by members and follow up with specific member to advise of avail materials/courses.   
    10. Focus on member education needs with assistance of Executive members 
    11. Help develop criteria to highlight NSTP Edu courses in marketing materials

Committee Volunteers

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