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In March, 2020, Congress passed—and President Trump signed into law—the CARES Act, a $2 trillion economic relief package to provide assistance to American consumers and businesses struggling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. A provision of the law includes sending government payments to eligible Americans. These are called Economic Impact Payments.


In addition to the Coronavirus being declared an emergency in all states, in order to qualify for federal aid, there were various other natural disasters for which additional tax relief is due to t

New Steps by IRS To Ensure People with Children Receive $500 Economic Impact Payments

The Internal Revenue Service continues to look for ways to help people who were unable to provide their information in time to receive Economic Impact Payments for their children.

IRS Alert: Economic Impact Payments Belong to Recipient, Not Nursing Homes or Care Facilities

The IRS alerted nursing homes and other care facilities that Economic Impact Payments (EIPs) belong to the recipients, not the organizations providing the care.

Updated EIP FAQS Include Added Information on Prepaid Debit Cards

IRS has continued to update the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on its Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Information Center website. These are the updates as of June 11, 2020.

Injured Spouse Stimulus Payment

On Friday, May 8, the IRS posted Economic Impact Payment FAQ #31 acknowledging that it was aware of the prob

Act by Wednesday for Chance to Get Quicker Economic Impact Payment; Timeline for Payments Continues to Accelerate

With a variety of steps underway to speed Economic Impact Payments, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service urged people to use 

6 Ways to Know Your COVID-19 Check is Real

The Internal Revenue Service has been making good progress in getting the economic impact payment to eligible individuals.

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