Collection Agencies To Be Used To Collect Delinquent Taxes?:

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The Senate bill addressing tax extenders, known as the Expiring Provisions Improvement Reform and Efficiency (EXPIRE) Act, contains a section at the end of the bill requiring the IRS to use private collectors in some delinquent tax cases.             60. IRS to enter into qualified tax collection contracts The modification requires the IRS to enter into qualified tax collection contracts for the collection of inactive tax receivables. An account is considered inactive if: (1) any time after assessment, the IRS moved the receivable from the active inventory for inability to locate the taxpayer or lack of resources to collect; (2) more than one-third of the applicable limitations period has lapsed and no IRS employee has been assigned to collect the receivable; or (3) a receivable has been assigned for collection but more than 365 days have passed without interaction with the taxpayer or a third party for purposes of furthering the collection. Certain tax receivables are designated not eligible for collection, specifically receivables that: (1) are subject to a pending or active offer-in-compromise or installment agreement; (2) are classified as an innocent spouse case; (3) involve a taxpayer identified as being deceased, under the age of 18, in a designated … Read More

RTRP Program Update


May 22, 2014 – Carol Campbell, Director of the Return Preparer Office (RPO) announced today in a National Public Liaison (NPL) conference call that the RTRP program is officially dead, that the RTRP credential no longer exists and cannot be used by those who had qualified earlier. The IRS is working on a voluntary certification program which may include those who had taken and passed the RTRP exam.

Paul La Monaca Speaks at IRS Oversight Board Public Meeting

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Oral Statement of Paul La Monaca, CPA, MST Director of Education, National Society of Tax Professionals Before the Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board Public Forum May 13, 2014  Panel 2 Discussion: Using Technology to Increase Customer Service for Taxpayers and Preparers “Pivoting Away From Paper” – How the IRS Can Overhaul Customer Service and Transform Its Business Practices Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Paul La Monaca and I am the Director of Education for the National Society of Tax Professionals and I want to thank the members of the Oversight board, the IRS and Lisa McLane for inviting NSTP to participate in this very important forum. The National Society of Tax Professionals is a nonprofit membership group of almost 6,000 quality tax professionals composed of Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Registered Tax Return Preparers and unenrolled tax preparers. NSTP’s goal and mission is to provide tax professionals with quality education and resources to achieve excellence. In addition, NSTP strives to protect the taxpaying public. I am a member of the NSTP Board of Directors and have served in this capacity since 1996. In addition, I have been a speaker at the IRS National Tax Forums … Read More

How to Break Up With Your Clients


You know that a client relationship is not working – so you raise your fees, stop returning phone calls and emails, or maybe send them a letter letting them know that your services are no longer available. But they keep coming back anyway!!! The “taxgirl” Kelly Phillips Erb, contributing editor for Forbes Magazine, has come up with “11 Reasons Your Tax Pro Wants To Call If Off.”