NSTP’s Director of Education Meets the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

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On Thursday evening May 24, 2018, NSTP’s Director of Education, Paul La Monaca, CPA, MST, attended an invitation only event at The American University in Washington, D.C. The event featured Acting Commissioner Dave Kautter, who also holds the position of Assistant Secretary of Tax Policy. Mr. Kautter addressed a select group of about 50 individuals invited by Professor Don Williamson, American University’s Director of the Master’s in Taxation Program and Executive Director of the Kogod Tax Policy Center.

Commissioner Kautter shared his career experiences in tax, from his days with Ernst & Young, serving on Capital Hill and as the former Managing Director of the Kogod Tax Policy Center and Professor at the School of Business. The Commissioner addressed information on the recent passage of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the work that is being done at the Internal Revenue Service as a result of the Legislation. The discussion was moderated by the current Managing Director of the Kogod Tax Policy Center, Caroline Bruckner who also served on Capital Hill.

Others in attendance included Capital Hill Staffers involved with the Senate Finance Committee, Dean of the Kogod School of Business, current and former professors of the Kogod School and Alumni of the Masters in Taxation program.

Paul La Monaca, CPA, MST, is a former Professor of Tax and Accounting at American University and a Graduate of the Masters in Taxation program from the the Kogod School of Business.