NSTPNational Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP)

Earlier this year, the NSTP Board voted to add a new position to the organization: a “Member-at-Large” to the Board of Directors.  The position will annually be Board appointed.  Looking back over the years, there have been several Board-member mid-term openings.  Appointments to fill these vacancies by the Board have been made but often were timely and a difficult process to find the right person.  In the event there is a Board vacancy henceforth, the Board may appoint this person to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the vacant term.  In general, this new position will enable the annually appointed NSTP member total access to Board meetings, conversations, notes, financial data, etc.   The Member-at-Large, however, will not be entitled to “vote” on Board motions.  Once a member is appointed, the membership will be notified.

Board Member at Large:
The following criteria were initially agreed upon by the Board along with the Executive Director concerning the Board Member at Large:

  •         NSTP member appointed annually by the Board of Directors
  •         During appointment:
    •    Invited to monthly Board Web-meetings
    •    Will have access to the all Board Minutes and communications
    •    Allowed access to face-to-face Board meetings at their own expense
    •    Encouraged to provide valuable input during
    •    Will not have  “Board” motion voting rights
    •    Will serve with the Board “At- will”
    •    Will not be compensated for any Board meetings
    •    Must serve on a committee