NSTPTax Professionals

FB Update 7-13-15The records of four CPA firms were compromised by a Bulgarian hacker resulting in a $6 million fraudulent tax return scheme. The hackers stole the 2011 tax filings of over 1,000 client records. “As far as the four accounting firms, they’re not mentioned in the public record, so there’s no way to know what those accounting firms are, except for the fact that they are CPA firms,” said an IRS Criminal Investigation spokesman. What is known is that one of the firms is based in Connecticut, two are from California and the fourth firm is in Pennsylvania.

Vanyo Minkov, 32, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Jose L. Linares in a Newark, N.J., federal court charging him with one count of conspiring to file false and fraudulent tax returns. Minkov was also charged with participating in a scheme with his co-conspirators to steal credit and debit card numbers, PIN codes and corresponding personally identifiable information from various sources and then selling the information on the Internet for profit. They used various means such as ATM skimming equipment installed on ATM machines to steal the credit and debit card numbers. He also allegedly acted as a reseller of data stolen by others that could be offered for sale on the Internet. During the course of the conspiracy, Minkov allegedly offered for sale debit and credit card numbers and related personal information on more than 100,000 accounts.