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IRS-Image-blogThe Internal Revenue Service is committed to ensuring civil penalties are imposed in a fair, consistent and efficient manner. This includes application of penalties that are comprehensible and effective in promoting voluntary compliance.

They invite you to share your comments regarding ways to improve the Civil Penalties Program. Specifically, they are requesting your assistance in determining barriers and soliciting recommendations for an enhanced penalty strategy that achieves the following desired states:

  • Penalty Consistency –IRS applies appropriate penalties to taxpayer actions and circumstances in a fair and uniform manner
  • Penalty Comprehensibility –IRS and taxpayers demonstrate an understanding of taxpayer reporting, filing, and payment obligations as it relates to civil penalties
  • Penalty Effectiveness –IRS applies and abates penalties in a manner that positively affects future reporting, filing, and payment compliance
  • Penalty Efficiency –IRS administers penalties promptly and accurately, so not to impede timely processing of case resolution

Your recommendations will be used to address weaknesses in the current program and design a uniform approach to penalty administration.

Please provide your comments to the following questions.  Do not include any information regarding specific taxpayer cases.

Question #1:    What are the factors that influence an effective Penalty Program?  (i.e., “What are we already doing well?”)

Question #2:    What are the barriers to an effective Penalty Program?

Please submit your comments to:

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