2019 EA Boot Camp New Orleans, LA

NSTPEnrolled Agent, Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

EA Boot Camp, New Orleans, LA

2019 EA Boot Camp, New Orleans, LA As an Enrolled Agent (EA) you can represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, command higher fees and be recognized as a respected tax professional. Energize your existing tax practice or hit the ground running as you start a new career by becoming an EA. By attending NSTP’s EA Boot Camp, you will master tax basics and be equipped to pass the Special Enrollment Exam (SEE). Our highly experienced instructors will present information to help you to master tax basics and successfully prepare for the SEE. Tax return preparers may earn up to five hours of Federal Tax continuing education credit for each of Parts 1 and 2, and two credit hours of Ethics for Part 3. The maximum amount of SEE prep program is 12 credit hours total. SEE Test Preparation CE is not available to EAs, or ERPAs. Full Course Rates May 20-24 Part 1 Rates May 20-21 Part 2 Rates May 22-24 Part 3 Rates May 21 Executive Member: $1349.00 Executive Member: $309.00 Executive Member: $899.00 Executive Member: $259.00 Full Member: $1449.00 Full Member: $329.00 Full Member: $949.00 Full Member Rate: $279.00 Non-Member: $1649.00 Non-Member Rate: $479.00 Non-Member: $1149.00 Non-Member … Read More


NSTPEnrolled Agent

The IRS is sending out the following information to inform potential candidates that the fee to take each part of the SEE will change from $111.94 to $181.94 effective March 1, 2018, which is when scheduling for the May 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019 testing window begins. You can still make appointments now at the lower rate for the current testing window which concludes on February 28, 2018. However, note that you will not be able to reschedule appointments scheduled for the current testing window into the May 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019 testing window. Schedule the SEE today. Visit us at www.prometric.com/see or call us at 1-800-306-3926 Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET.


NSTPEnrolled Agent

It is that special time of year again for enrolled agents to renew their EA licenses with IRS if your Social Security number (SSN) ends in 7, 8, or 9, or if you do not have a Social Security number. The renewal period begins November 1st and ends January 31st. For EAs with SSNs that terminate in 7, 8, or 9, you are required to renew your licenses with IRS as governed by Circular 230. This also applies to EAs who do not have a Social Security number. If it is your time to renew, then you may renew your license online through pay.gov. Once you have renewed online and it has been processed, your license will not need to be renewed for another three years beginning April 1, 2018. Please allow up to 90 days for processing from the date you renewed online. Mailing your renewal application may cause delays in processing. The renewal period ends January 31st. Do not renew late or you may experience excessive problems next summer. Your EA license card should indicate that the expiration date falls on March 31, 2018. That is not the time to renew. January 31 is the deadline to renew your license. Please renew online when the renewal … Read More