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IRS Warns of New Scam Targeting E-Filers

IRS Warns of New Scam Targeting E-Filers

The Internal Revenue Service cautioned electronic return originators Monday about a new identity theft scheme aimed at holders of Electronic Filing Identification Numbers from fraudsters posing as IRS contractors.

The IRS said the fraudsters suggest they are contacting the EROs to verify or check on their EFIN acceptance letter. The scammers may then ask the ERO to email them a copy of the EFIN acceptance letter and provide a phone number to call for questions.

“As with all scams, this one can evolve and the elements may change,” said the IRS in an email to tax professionals. “EROs should remain vigilant and take steps to protect their identities and taxpayer data."

The IRS recommended that any electronic return originators who hear from individuals posing as the IRS should contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at to file a complaint. In addition, EROs who have been contacted by the scammers and were tricked into disclosing their acceptance letter should contact the IRS’s e-Services help desk immediately.