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About NSTP

The National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP) is dedicated to serving the tax professional. Founded in 1985, NSTP is a non-profit organization.

NSTP is committed to helping its members attain the greatest expertise, proficiency, and competency in all areas of the tax profession. NSTP exists to equip our members to be qualified to effectively provide professional tax preparation services for their clients.

For nearly 40 years, NSTP has endeavored to support the tax professional community with top quality education delivered by knowledgeable, accomplished instructors. Instructors teach not only about the tax law but how to apply complex tax rules to an individual client's situation. Our presentations are approved for Continuing Education credits with the IRS, NASBA and CTEC.

NSTP maintains a high level of contact with the Internal Revenue Service. NSTP members are sought out for their experience and expertise by the IRS whenever new initiatives or programs are being reviewed.

To provide tax professionals with quality education and resources to achieve excellence.

It is our Vision that the National Society of Tax Professionals is the nation’s premier organization providing educational benefits to enhance the competency of the tax professional community.

  • Provide a strong national and professional membership organization that speaks for the rights and interests of individual tax professionals.
  • Establish an identity with the taxpaying public. NSTP believes that tax preparation, consulting, tax planning, and so on, encapsulates an industry of its own and should be recognized as such.
  • Educate the general public with respect to the educational and professional skills demanded of today's tax profession.
  • Elevate the acceptance and prestige of the tax professional.
  • Promote high standards of competence and ethics within the profession.
  • Promote mutual respect, cooperation and communication between the Internal Revenue Service and tax professionals.
  • Sponsor educational programs designed to enhance professional ability and knowledge.